Surf Lessons


Lessons are 2 hours long. We currently have a 100% success ratio with our students, everyone has experienced the overwhelming exhilaration of riding the wave.
We use the best boards including softboards for all ages, all sizes from beginners to advanced.

You need: Desire to ride the wave, sunscreen, a camera. If you have a rash guard bring it if not we have one you can use.



The Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica around Puerto Viejo de Talamanca is the best place to learn to surf and a paradise for any surfer, with warm water, a mellow surf scene, and wide variety of waves nearby. With many different breaks in the area we can find the best wave for your skill level whether its your first lesson or you’re an old pro. We have waves for all levels, from Salsa Brava, the heaviest wave in Costa Rica. Right outside our Surf Shop, to the perfect beginner waves of Black Beach, just a minute walk from the shop, to the fast beach break at Cocles and the classic longboarding waves of Punta Uva, and many more. If you are learning we’ll take you to the perfect spot for the day. If you’re already experienced surfer stop by the Shop, have a look at Salsa Brava, pick up a board, some wax and anything else you might need and we’ll point you to your perfect wave.


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